Products | Bacterial products and natural substances for ponds and natural pools

Bacteria are an important and natural part of our environment. RAWAT consulting is a Czech manufacturer of completely natural and beneficial bacteria blends. These bacteria are not pathogenic and are safe for humans. Our line of products includes specialized and highly effective bacterial blends, which will make the maintenance of your pond easier.

These products will boost the biological balance in newly established ponds and its stability in established tanks. They are suitable for both ornamental and swimming ponds of all sizes - from garden ponds to public natural swimming pools. Bacterial products do not contain any enzymes that would damage the aquatic plants and contribute to continued release of organic nutrients. Products are completely safe for all aquatic animals, fish and people.

Bacteria in our blends will actively assist you with water quality care of your garden pond or natural swimming pool without ever requiring electricity or chemical-based disinfectants, which can be harmful to living organisms.



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