Water reservoirs

  • Consulting and assessment of water quality, sediment and water reservoir inflow (sampling, analysis, solution suggestions, measures realization, and effectiveness assessment)
  • Working out specialized studies regarding quality of water reservoir and inflow, including suggestions for remedial actions
  • Phytoplankton composition
  • Sediment thickness determination and proposal of alternatives on how to deal with sediment issues, including the treatment of sediment without excavation
  • Sampling and analysis of water, sediment and sludge
  • Determination of hydro chemical parameters (Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), nutrients: forms of nitrogen and phosphorus, Total organic carbon (TOC), pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, transparency, Chlorophyll concentration, etc.)
  • Optional processing of data into a map form (amount of phytoplankton in reservoirs, temperature stratification, sediment stratification - map of the bottom, etc.)


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