BioAditiva - Biological additives in watering solutions for an increased yield of food crops

Project name:
Biological additives in watering solutions for an increased yield of food crops
Project registration number::
Task identification:
Public tender for research, development and innovations, announced in 2011, program ALFA - second call
Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Main investigator:
VUOS a.s.,
Other investigators:
RAWAT consulting s
University in Brno,
Symbiom, s. r. o.,
Charles University in Prague,
Project initiation date:
1.1. 2012
Project finalization date:
31.12. 2015
Duration in months:
Project description

This project will lead to the acquisition of new knowledge about applied environment-friendly research technologies and environmental protection. The main aim of this project is to create a new product formula of bio-additive watering solutions for food plants cultivation. The bioadditives in question are based on mycorrhizal, saprotrophic and mycoparasitic fungi and soil bacteria, bio fertilizers and bioactive substances, Embryophyta extracts, digestate from biogas plants, and algae and cyanobacteria acquired by surface water treatment. Biological additives applicable by water will lead to an increase in yield, plant's health and improvement of food yield quality parameters (an increase in antioxidants, vitamins, and other important elements, such as zinc, magnesium, etc.). The introduction of these products will lead to a decrease of chemical input into the food chain and to overall ecologization of agricultural food plant production. According to the current EU water and soil sources quality directive, it is necessary to reduce the agrochemical input to the environment. This project is in compliance with the worldwide trend of utilizing recycled input into agricultural production.

Thanks to a balanced participation of partners from the research sphere (two university departments), three primary manufacturers of innovated products, and the interest of several potential end users, this project is interdisciplinary and it guarantees a direct transfer of acquired knowledge both into practice and commercialization. This project will lead to an increase of the competitive ability of Czech companies and their product's export opportunities.


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