EcoWater - Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations - pilot project Innovative action

The project was successfully finished on 31. 3. 2013

Task identification:
Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations - pilot project Innovative action - information transfer promotion
The Czech Republic - Ministry of Industry and Trade
Aid beneficiary:
RAWAT consulting s
Partner university:
Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i., Dept. of Experimental Phycology and Ecotoxicology,
Project initiation date:
1. 4. 2012
Project finalization date:
31. 3. 2013
Duration in months:
Project description:

Currently, there is a rising need for increasingly specialized assessment of the environment, which is not within the competence of established companies. The matters of environmental pollution, especially that of surface water, are connected to ecotoxicological assessment, quantification of bacteria, algae and cyanobacteria in water samples, methods of field water quality measuring, and other specific specialized activities, which are clearly described in the project documentation. The extent and manner of surface water pollution lead to an increased demand for these specific activities, which usually require sophisticated approach and economical solution to a problematic situation.

The main aim of this project is to acquire specialized knowledge, which will provide new specific methods of assessment and surface water pollution removal, including legal protection of suggested solutions. The acquired skills will considerably extend the portfolio of the services provided by RAWAT. The company will acquire unique skills, specified in the project milestones, which will provide a competitive advantage on the market.


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