Price: 750 Kč Incl. VAT

Biological removal of green coccoid algae from garden ponds.

BACTERIAL MIXTURE FOR GARDEN PONDS product contains a combination of selected natural micro organisms and supporting substances, which stabilize dissolved oxygen levels and nutrient system of a garden pond. Through their activity, the bacteria drain most of the excess nutrients and remove the toxic ammonia and nitrites. The result is a crystal clear water without organic waste and green algae.

New formula contains activated bacteria, which are suitable for use in bio-filters and whenever any water quality problems arise (increased visitor rates, water quality stabilization after pond bottom draining, etc.).

DOSAGE: 1st application 10 g/m3, further applications 5 g/m3 (max. once per month)



I was very satisfied with the Bacterial Blend. It was a great help, especially at the beginning of the season, when the temperature quickly hit almost tropical 30 degrees Celsius, resulting in significant rise in number of visitors.
We had just reconstructed the stabilization pond and the plants were not fully grown yet - and the bacteria did all the work for them.
I have one more reflection - in one water sample we had discovered a slightly higher than the limit value of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, but after the application of this product, the value again dropped to zero.
Overall, I was very satisfied.

Milan Blahák, mayor of Kovalovice

I have been using Bacterial Product For Garden Ponds for a year now and I have not had any problem with algae since.
The pond water is clean, fish and plants are doing well, and the product meets all my expectations.

customer, Zbýšov



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