Price: 214 Kč Incl. VAT

Supports root growth, protect plants from the effect of stress, e.g. caused by a drought, facilitates nutrient transport and increases the yield of the soil.

Very effective concentrated bacteria-algae product used to enrich the soil substrate for growing all kinds of fruit and vegetables, but also ornamental plants both in ground and in containers.

If applied while planting, it kick-starts the growth of the plants, if applied while replanting, it helps the plants to root more easily in new substrate.

To decrease the effects of nutritional or irrigation stress, we recommend to apply the product repeatedly.

When repeatedly used on fruiting plants, an increased yield was observed, when used on flowering plants, the speed of growth and density of flowers increased and seeds showed faster germination.

The package contains 150 g of the product. If the recommended dosage of 2 g per 5 l of water is kept, this package should be sufficient for  375 l of watering solution!



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