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Cladophora glomerata is a unique string of filamentous algae, which can be used to maintain water purity in garden ponds or natural swimming pools. It consumes large amounts of nutrients dissolved in water for its growth, which would otherwise contribute to the spread and reproduction of undesirable algae and cyanobacteria. The side effects of Cladophora glomerata's growth are higher levels of oxygen dissolved in water (which is necessary for the self-cleaning processes, for Daphnia magna and other animals) and the so called allelochemicals, which prevent the growth of other strings of algae. Cladophora glomerata lives in symbiosis with special strings of bacteria and with diatoms, which have the ability to remove sources of pollution from the water (such as sunscreens and sunscreen oils, urine, etc. ...).

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I had very good experience with Rawat. I didn’t need the algae for a pond but for my bachelor project where I processed the algae into textiles, therefore it was really important to have a good quality of algae, which I got here. The Cladophora was in perfect conditions, very fresh, clean and no smell. Also the customer service was very friendly and helpful. Because I picked up the algae by train they even took the algae to the train station and adopted to my time pressure. 
Thank you so much for the great Algae and Support. 

Customer Malu L., Germany


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