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Price: 659 Kč Incl. VAT

Product to prevent the development of filamentous and planktonic algae.

Its structure prevents the development of algae in water reservoirs.

OXYHUM produces trace concentrations of peroxides and purifies water in sunlight.

OXYHUM stabilizes the nutrient system of the water reservoirs. Its structure limits the permeation of photosynthetically active radiation into the water and limits the development of algae that do not have enough energy for photosynthesis.  The occurrence of algae and cyanobacteria in the pond and remove of toxic ammonia and nitrites is decreased by way of oxidative modification and its molecular structure. The product is completely safe for all aquatic animals, fish and bather.


DOSAGE: 2-5 ml / m3, depending on the desired shade - usually 3 ml / m3


OXYHUM is a dense concentrate. It applies diluted 1: 10-50 according to the application technique and according to the depth of water to achieve the required dose. It is applied by application boat on ponds,  eg. by watering can with sprinkling rose in small locations, by pump from tank by spraying hose etc. OXYHUM should be applied to the whole surface of the reservoir. Spraying the banks and littoral vegetation is not a problem. It is sufficient to rinse with water from a pond. OXYHUM stimulates the growth of terrestrial plants and it is harmless for amphibians and other aquatic organisms. Warning: the product must not freeze.




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