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Floating islands (wetlands) can support the improvement of water quality in water reservoirs. Mat of the island (size 2 x 2 meters) contains selected plants. This vegetation provides to birds and other aquatic organisms (fish, small aquatic organisms) ideal habitat and shade. Native wetland plants also form a seed bank in the floating island, the seeds are scattered by birds and water.  

Biofilm formed on the root system of the plants actively purifies water in the water column. Biofilm microorganisms consume excess nutrients from the water column and nutrients are not available for development of cyanobacteria or algae. Plants of the floating island help to oxygenate the water and can produce allelopathic compounds againts cyanobacteria.

The floating islands also reduce the sediment amount in water reservoir.

The latest application of our floating islands was on the Rosnička pond (Svitavy), you can see here photos of installed islands and other links:

Rosnicka pond, Svitavy








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